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November 23, 2004

capitalism in Egypt

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My dad lives in Egypt and he told me an interesting story that tells something about how  
capitalism works.                                                                         
I once wrote about how the trash collecting in Cairo city was taken over by Coptic        
immigrants from the countryside. They built a whole district on the mountain where trash  
is disposed of. They made a relatively good living on re-processing plastic from trash and
the people in the city had a relatively cheap cleaning service. They used to go early in  
the morning with their carts and collect garbage from homes, and asked for some small     
money in exchange.                                                                        
About a year ago, the Egyption government has sold the monopoly for collecting trash to an
Italian company. At the time i thought it would be the end of the relative prosperity of  
the Coptic people. The situation evolved this way:                                        
The Copts come to collect trash as they did before, they just have to do it one hour      
before the Italian company comes. The Italian company charges for collecting trash and    
people are billed for it in their electricity bills, just in case they didn't want to pay.
There is nothing left to collect for the Italian company because the independent trash    
collectors have already cleaned up everything by the time they arrive.                    
So the government is happy that they have been bribed to sell the contract to the         
Italians, the Italians are happy that they receive money for doing nothing, the Copts     
manage somehow with a lower income (cause people don't want to pay them anymore since they
already have to pay the Italians), and regular people have to pay more money for a service
that used to be cheap and which is not being done by the people who are being paid.       
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firefoxą išvaliau

November 8, 2004

and babies?


google: "And babies?" poster My Lai


ant dienų: FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE. ateityje galvoja pereit prie OpenBSD tipo timeframe releases. kadangi pastaruoju metu šitas ir šitas buvo įdomiausi naujienų puslapiai, bus įdomu stebėti perėjimą nuo freefall ir poetų pobūvio į griežtą fabrikėlį :)

November 5, 2004

roršacho testas

The Rorschach Test visaip yra

November 3, 2004

format c: vs. rm -rf /

format c: vs. rm -rf /

what to do?

.. when you are stuck init.ora'ing Oracle 9i on FreeBSD? paieškoti, kaip vėl paleisti krūvas texto, kai paspaudi Ctrl-S. va ką: What to do if you get stuck in a Unix login session