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Arthur Schopenhauer and national pride

“The cheapest form of pride by contrast is national pride. For it betrays in the one thus afflicted the lack of individual qualities of which he could be proud, while he would not otherwise reach for what he shares with so many millions. He who possesses significant personal merits will rather recognise the defects of his own nation, as he has them constantly before his eyes, most clearly. But that poor beggar who has nothing in the world of which he can be proud, latches onto the last means of being proud, the nation to which he belongs to. Thus he recovers and is now in gratitude ready to defend with hands and feet all errors and follies which are its own.”


o jeigu taip?
kalba toks dalykas - vartyk, kaip nori ;)

"National pride is to countries what self-respect is to individuals: a necessary condition for self improvement. Those with no pride in their country will have no motivation to seek their personal growth in conjunction with their nations needs and development."

Richard Rorty