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.. i just want to go home.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Conflict sapping forces' morale:

One Marine told me: "I've had enough of being fired at from all directions, I just want to go home".

prisižaidė. o bodycount auga abiejose pusėse. ir pyktis:

Baghdad :: Rageh Omaar :: 1904GMT

This city has not been spared today. Republican Guard positions have been repeatedly bombarded and as night fell residents made their way home, expecting more bombings tonight.

Today I visited the hospital where victims from last night's bombing in the city were being treated.

One man sat with his injured daughter. He was angry at what had been done to them.

We have to take revenge for this, I am prepared to go to America and blow myself up, we will kill their children as they have killed ours, he told me.

nežiūrint į mass media keliamą nepasitikėjimą, nuolat skaitau BBC reporterių blogą. gal tai tik saviapgaulė, bet įdomu ir atrodo gan tikrai. taip pat The Agonist. kodėl ne indymedia? tai kad jie patys, IMHO, nelabai gali ką "iš vietos" pasakyt. nuomonę formuot turiu kaip, apie anti-war akcijas sužinot turiu kaip. what's the point then?