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Bruce Sterling kalba M$; citata

Watching Rats Abandon Ship - Transcript of Bruce Sterling at Microsoft Corporation

5. Then there is the Transparency International solution.

This is a kind of NGO solution, the democratic solution. When I go next year and invite all of the people to my party, I could make a clean breast of it. I could say, "Look, I'd love you to come to my house and have a really nice time but I have to make it clear to you that we're facing a potential political crisis at my house. It's time for me to level with you, the party people. I'm just going to have to appeal to your personal sense of responsibility as citizens to come to my party and not screw it up for anyone else. I want you to watch one another, police one another. I trust you. I don't want to enforce anything on you. I want to devolve the party down to the grassroots level. It's up to you, you, you. This is your party, not merely my party. You are the community to whom I'm trying to appeal. You need to assemble as a community. Hold hands with one another, support one another. If you're too tired to chew, pass it on."


scrolling to random line....arquilla&ronfeldt. ple, niekur nuo diplominio nepabegt.

kvepia kazkokiu bolsheviku kreipimusi:)
leninas aisku rimtai tikejo, kad:
"You need to assemble as a community. Hold hands with one another, support one another" ir tada pakaktu ir VIENOS partijos:)

to razor: is ko diplomini rasai?