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Bruce Sterling interview

Reason: Cybergreen: Bruce Sterling on media, design, fiction, and the future:

  • ...I’ve noticed that other social movements hate heretics far more than they hate pagans. Pagans who have never heard the gospel -- you should clothe them. You should send out missionaries. They just don’t know. It’s the people who do know, who have the opposite idea, whom you hate
  • I’m doing a blog (...). I use it as a kind of social probe. It’s an experiment for me, a way to give and get back at the same time. It’s an organizational experiment. It’s a private intelligence network.
  • I want to testify to Congress, (...). You want to be in a situation where you can screw with their heads.
  • we’ve really turned our backs on a world that could have been pleasant, delight-ful, peaceful, and technocratic. Now we face a world that is religious, narrow-minded, fundamentalist, and violent.
  • I found it more interesting and more significant to talk about an intimate relationship with prosthetics and gizmos than an intimate relationship between one human being and another.
  • It’s [Google --ve] extremely useful for novelists but somewhat dangerous if you’re pretending to be a brain surgeon

taip pat -- vienas iš būdų kovot su danties skausmu yra paverst jį -- skausmą -- gyvenimo ašimi. taip jis tampa mano, svarbiu ir nepamainomu, ir ant jo sukasi visi darbeliukai ir reikaliukai. adoption domestication. parintis nereikia :)


ash irgi megztu kartoti kad parkems ne! kai neieshkai parkiu gyvenimas ir buna be parkiu.... kiekvienas shudas yra gyvenimo dalis taj tegul tas shudas negadina gyvenimo :)