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--Last years, France has seen the development of many independent political squats, where are being led alternative collective life experiments and public political activities of various sorts. These spots usually host anti-capitalist and pro-anarchist actions and events, "free-zones" where goods and material are exchanged, squatted vegetable plots, hacklabs. These are places where alternative hardware and software is developed, information, books and brochures printed and brought out within "infokiosques", where people work on alternative medicine, recycling, bicycles, mechanics, wood and metal craft, silkscreening, DIY building, sunflower-oil recycling for vehicles, organic seeds exchange, groups for feminist, queer or transgender thoughts and action, "food not bombs" street meals, free vegan restaurants, bars, concerts, film-projections and theatre performances. inter-squat direct actions in France

--current situation of the U.S., the “lone superpower,” which has net $3 trillion in foreign indebtedness (30% of GDP) and roughly $35 trillion in total internal indebtedness (Federal, state, municipal, corporate, personal), or over 3 times GDP. Since the 1960s, the U.S. has obliged its foreign creditors (Europe, OPEC, Asia) to recycle their surplus dollars to support this creaking edifice of debt, while American capital downsizes and ships production overseas. The rest of the world produces, the U.S. consumes. Manufacture now employs a mere 13% of the American work force. - The New School for Pluralistic Anti-Capitalist Education . besikuriancios tokios alternatyvios mokyklos gal yra tai ko reikia salia visu kitu dalyku/priemoniu?

--For its 90th anniversary issue, The New Republic published excerpts of articles from its archive. Here is one from Lewis Mumford, the urban planner, written on Nov. 8, 1939.
The promise of American life is still a real one. ... But apart from internal corrosion, our promise has to meet an external challenge: that is the present worldwide disintegration of Western civilization. Of this threat, the fascist movement is a symptom rather than a cause: the cause lies in the fact that our profit economy, now that the period of expansions is over, must be transformed into a non-profit economy, relying upon other motives and incentives. If this change is not accomplished by rational cooperation it will have to take place, under unfavorable circumstances, by irrational compulsion: only to be defeated in the ultimate mockery of war. So far the New Deal has been a potent source of confusion: its theorists have held the wishful belief that profits could be increased while disparities between class and class, between region and region, were wiped out. Mr. Facing-Both-Ways will soon come to a dead end; then we shall have to choose between the rational and the irrational means of economic stabilization. -sita radau ny times.
noriu labai paskaityt jo “The City in History: Its Origins, Its Transformations, and Its Prospects”. kuria nors diena, kai bus daugiau laisves. kartais po teisybei as svajoju but uzdarytas i koki nors visai nebloga skandinaviska kalejima ir pasiimt su savim visa savo biblioteka ir atsidet vien skaitymui. nes siapus grotu niekaip neiseina tiek kiek noretusi. ligota?:)
ir dar viena jo citata is cia - "If we are to create balanced human beings, capable of entering into world-wide co-operation with all other men of good will--and that is the supreme task of our generation, and the foundation of all its other potential achievements--we must give as much weight to the arousal of the emotions and to the expression of moral and esthetic values as we now give to science, to invention, to practical organization. One without the other is impotent."


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