September 11, 2011

calling in london

- hello, i am calling about NI number.
- Ok, are you polish?
- no.
- Could you state your surname?
- Dubrovskij, D, U, B, R, O, V, S, K, I, J.
- Ok, and name, please.
- Denis.
- Again?
- Denis
- Is it Boris?
- no, its Denis, D for Danger, E for Equality, N for Nagasaki, I for Isis, S for Sickness.
- Ok, thank you, is 19th of September ok for you?
- yes.
- We gonna send you are a letter confirming your appointment.
- ok, thank you.

and in few days letter for Penis Dubrovskij arrived.

Posted by xdirtx at September 11, 2011 7:01 PM
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