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Bezengiant i sviesu akademini rytoju tokie klausimai ir apmastymai labai atgaivina:

Said insisted that the intellectual be an amteur, not a professional. He objected to the professional intellectual who views her or his work "as something you do for a living, between hours of nine and five, with one eye on the clock, and another cocked at what is considered to be proper, professional behavior - not rockig the boat, not straying outside the accepted paradigms or limits, making yourself marketable and above all presentable, hence uncontroversial and unpolitical and 'objective' " Joseph Mosad, 'The intellectual Life of Edward Said'
Ir dar:
"I take criticism so seriously as to believe that, even in the very midst of battle in which one is unmistakably on one side against another, there should be criticism, because there must be critical consciousness if there are to be issues, problems, values, even lives to be fought"
- Edward W. Said (1935-2003)

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aha, irgi šnekėjom apie tai, kaip iš tiesų esam "laisvieji mokslininkai" arba "liaudies tyrėjai", praktikuojantys "liaudies mokslą".
čia kai sėdi šaltoj vonioj ir skaičiuoji, kiek karšto vandens arbatinukų reikia užsivirinti, kad būtų pakenčiamai :)


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