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manau visai gali buti idomus listas ir temos aktualios.
Spotykach/Spot-mailing list

Spotykach (Slavic)- come together/meet/rendezvous/interview, be a reason to
meet, to stumble. Spot (English)- a certain place or point differing from
the dominant ground. To be on the spot - to be in the right place at the
right time. All these express the idea of the spotykach-/spot-list: to be a
reason to meet for those from the artificially constructed/imposed notions
of the East and the West in order to come together across certain ideas
concerning our differences and similarities, interview and learn from each
other, to stumble on new discoveries and insights about each other
identities and by all these overcome existed myths, prejudice and stereotypes.
Lets come together on spot out of borders, nationalities, tell each other a
true what they did with us and what we let to do with us being treated by
the capitalist or soviet propaganda and find where is the human propaganda
is hidden. But lets face all this first...(for more look in archive)

Why this list?
While one part of the world is busy with revolutions to enter capitalism
(colourful once in Eastern Europe), another does the same in order to get
rid of it (antiglobalisation/anticapitalists protests in Western Europe and
United State). One is hungry for adventures in business and sees it as a
given panacea against all problems, another is sick of its results and
looks for another panacea to find sense in their lives. So far they both
live in parallel spaces. Only zombies of the profit-seeking system are not
bothering themselves with any sense looking since the business is the only
sense and moral for them. Those who aren't winning the capitalist run of
"the smartest", are considered to be losers and marginalized. If the
"smartest" face resistance in some part of the world, they can still find a
space where their lies are accepted. They are profiting from the peoples
isolation and lack of communication and exchange. For this they build
borders and carry a monolog through mainstream media to glorify demo (n)
kracy, market and money-based relationships as "the only possible way for
everybody". We cannot stand this anymore. We want to come closer for our
human solidarity, meet each other face to face, destroy Iron walls in minds
of people, drop the labels "East" and "West" in the end and finally start
to live as we want.

For those who:
-don't have a problem follow the jungle laws of the current establishment,
-consider themselves to be still alive enough to judge this world
correctly/critically, to see its polarity clearly (poor-reach, east-west,
north-south, dominant-oppressed, EU-, US-citizens-others etc) and
-have enough strength to change it through open discussions, strategy
making, solidarity seeking and solidarity providing, resistance
- think creatively about our background/ mentality /education differences,
and ways to understand these differences in order to prevent self-isolation
through autonomous tendencies, individualization and separation phenomena,
geographical/political divisions etc,
-who believe in the revolutions in peoples minds and in new values
possible to develop together, in the new world constructed together,
-who want to be heard on opposite side of the world and have something to
say about an own experience, utopian ideas
We invite to start live in this alternative world already today, now, in
this moment on spot-list!

Spotykach-mailing list



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