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geros/blogos zinios

kai kas sako, kad gal didesne nei jonavos ekologine katastrofa - 300 tonu deganciu pasenusiu pesticidu ir kito brudo.ujujuj

gerosios ES puses. tikekimes. apie ES keliama panika jav politikams ir korporacijoms del aplinkosauginiu standartu ivedimo. ilgas bet labai vertas skaitymo straipsnis.New Power for 'Old Europe'

ir dar radau aktualiu eiliu is 'Ain't I A Women:Classic Poetry by Women from Around the World'

You are anti-racist person,
concerned about my humble plight,
you want to help me get equality
'cos I've had a disadvantaged life.

You believe we are multi-racial,
an dat I'm British, despite I'm black,
yet when I ask a question in de classroom,
is like yu nearly have a heart attack!

You're an anti-racist person,
you say everyone has equal start,
but when I go to you for job interview,
you look at me as if I fart.

set in far off place ona tv,
wearing loincloth, with native vices,
you feel concern about my crises,
but when I jump on me feet an move into your
yu screaming 'bout your property prices.

Yu study me in books an papers,
den yu talk to me above my head,
but while yu holding all yu fancy conf'rences,
your society is killing me dead.

You're anti-racist person,
but excuse me if I must confess,
when I see your anti-racist policies,
I feel safer wid de real NF!

Marsha Prescod, UK


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