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NVO kritika

"If Bono’s elite power is exclusively to do with the image then the NGO’s can more powerfully claim to be the real fake. As Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt describe it, "these NGOs conduct just wars without arms, without violence, without borders. Like the Dominicans in the late medieval period and the Jesuits at the dawn of modernity, these groups strive to identify universal needs and defend human rights." In the new framework of legitimacy that Negri and Hardt describe as "Empire" (and which the Zapatistas, among others, recognize loosely as neoliberalism), "new articulations of the exercise of legitimate force" are demanded. The pattern is a familiar one with the shibboleth of morality wheeled out to underline the economics of war and intervention. As such, Negri and Hardt point out that NGOs, in this case Oxfam, Medicins Sans Frontieres and Amnesty International, are precursors and perpetuators of imperial intervention. Kosovo is the most recent example where liberals cheered as German planes dropped American ordnance on defenseless Serbs. And this after multiple fabrications announced by NATO and the CIA but dutifully reproduced, reported and spectacularised by the media."

This Is What Bureaucracy Looks Like


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