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"Democracy is not a fixed and finished system but a process of continual struggle and realization. Democratic gains are never absolutely secure. They can be rolled back if the contradictions of capitalism threaten to throw the system into crisis. The essence of capitalism , it's raison d'etre, is not to build democracy , or help working people, or save the environment, or build homes for homeless. It's goal is to convert nature into commodities and commodities into capital, to invest and accumulate, transmuting every part of the world into its own image for it's own realization."
Michael Parenti 'Against Empire' - A Brilliant Expose of The Brutal U.S. Global Domination '.
Baisiai idomi knyga. Jauciu kad uzpildau spraga ziniom, kurios buvo tik pavirsutiniskos apie USA. Istorija , kurios nemoko istorijos pamokose , nesigirdi ziniasklaidoj, cekuolis nepasakoja savo popietese. Ar kas nors zino kaip yra nusprendziama kokios knygos lietuvoj yra verciamos ir kodel?


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