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Wide Open kospektelis

Šio veikalo fair use konspektas.

Characteristics of OOS:

  1. transparency

  2. vetting of participants only after the've got involved low cost and ease of engagement

  3. leadership

  4. a legal structure and enforcement mechanism

  5. leadership

  6. common standarts

  7. peer review and feedback loops

  8. a shared conception of goals

  9. incrementalist - small players can still make useful contributions

  10. powerful non-monetary incentives

Drawbacks of OSS:

  1. Minority capture

  2. Diversion and dissension

  3. Restricted access to funding

  4. `Necessary` monopolies

  5. Rival goods (won't work where personalities rival on use of the output)

  6. Ideas that need to be isolated to thrive (radical ideas may be killed off by fiece directed criticism)

  7. Innovations that thrives on ambiguity (???)

  8. Private or sensitive information (as mentioned in Journalists vs. bloggers