June 17, 2005

ID song

well... it has been a pleasure to work with all of you, dear ID people! as maria said, music is in our bones now. this one came out a little bit sweeter than i intended, but this is IT, an ID song, as gerald said, the sun did not got down there in sweden, did it? ;)

checkin' if you've got your passport, cookies and CD's
you find your way all through the TERMINAL 3
until you're there, so are they - STRANGERS

next day you still wonder if it's O.K.,
if you smile and talk and sing your way,
oh well, it's around the choo-choo train
when you start wondering -

if it's been a week,
when the sun did not go down?
it has been definitely a week,
when the sun did not go down...!!

packing your suitcase with things you won't need anymore,
you're wondering what does it usually take to travel to someones soul
and if there will be a spot in time and space to meet them again
still pending from smile to cry
you lift your head and then you find out that
we are everywhere..! hohoho!

it's been a week, when the sun did not go down
yes, it's just been one week, when the sun did not go down.

i would make good soundtracks for hollywood, wouldn't i ? ;) anyway, all of you, keep on going with INCLUSION and DIVERSITY, miss you all!!!

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pabegeliai / refugees

kaip cia su tais pabegeliais? galima jiems tarkim i tokia Lietuva "atbegti", turetu jiem buti suteikta pagalba, ar ne, nes mes ir taip savu problemu turim ...?

jei neteko buti pabegele, nepraleisk progos patyleti komentaruose, ir savaitgali tiesiog susirask zmoniu, kurie dabar apsiave pabegelio batus.. ka , gali daryti, jei jau nusprendei, kad turi laiko tokiem dalykam.

how about the refugees? should they be able to come to lithuania, should they receive aid, or rather not, because we have so many own problems to deal with ...?

if you haven't been a refugee, don't miss an opportunity to keep rather silent in the comments. instead of that look for people this weekend who are now in refugees shoes...

if you happen to have decided to have time for such things, this is what you also can do

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