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preodolenije x



netu vremeni, cestno govoria, no odni epitety tipa " Данная статья Чарльза Сокаридеса, крупнейшего из ныне живущих специалиста по гомосексуальности," govoriat o mnogom.
v princype, priciny mne poxui, 'mif o garmonicnoj seksualnosti' legko oprovergnut odnim faktom iz zyzni, i Charles Sorikarides uze ne nastolko krupen v gomoseksualnosti.

a voobse:
They can build golden cages for us all to live in. They can make us beds of silk, cover us in soft sheets so thin. They can dress us in a tender caress, comb our hair with care and lift us from the dirty soil. Soothe us with delicate oil. They can cook us tasty meals, sugar and salt. But cannot make our hunger for real freedom halt. Go ahead, build a wall to divide us, it won't keep us apart. Try to teach us biased history, we swear to never forget. Firm hands pour cups of hemlock, but can't force us to drink. They may control our space and time, but never how we think. Let every wasted seed of desire become a beautiful flower, watch it unfold hour by hour, rise higher and higher. We pay for our lives with our deaths, everything in between should be free."

eto pro etot diskurs kak raz mne kazetsia. vot.
esio, mogu ocen neploxoj zine You and Me pocitat. i eto ne 'ja ebu tebe mozgi', a bolse 'imej v vidu, esli sto'.

Nu dlia nachala nado pochitat, polazit po sajtiku, kazhissss...
Tam vot takze jest istoriji ex-piplov, interesno.
Mne naprimer interesny prichiny homosexualizma, vot ja i pomestila tut linkelis.
ne dumaj sto ja ne znaju sto eto takoje... ne s neta, ne s knizek, daze ne s zinov ... znaju