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Febrero 5, 2010

literatūra žiemai

opit@katlanda:~/data/readz/apocalyptic books collection$ ls

Adams, John Joseph - Wastelands - Stories of the Apocalypse.html
Aldiss, Brian - Greybeard.htm
Anderson, Poul - Vault of the Ages.pdf
Atwood, Margaret - Oryx and Crake.html
Atwood, Margaret - The Handmaid's Tale.pdf
Ballard, J G - The Drowned World.htm
BeauSeigneur, James - Christ Clone Trilogy
Brackett, Leigh - The Long Tomorrow.html
Brin, David - The Postman.htm
Brunner, John - The Sheep Look Up.htm
Budrys, Algis - Burning World.pdf
Budrys, Algis - Some Will Not Die.htm
Butler, Octavia - Parable of the Sower.htm
Butler, Octavia - Parable of the Talents.htm
Card, Orson Scott - The Folk of the Fringe.htm
Christopher, John - The Death of Grass (AKA No Blade of Grass).htm
Crace, Jim - The Pesthouse.html
Crowley, John - Engine Summer.htm
Dick, Philip K - Dr Bloodmoney or How We Got Along After the Bomb.htm
Dickson, Gordon - Wolf and Iron.html
Disch, Thomas - The Genocides.htm
DuPrau, Jeanne - The City of Ember.htm
England, George Allan - Darkness and Dawn.html
Florman, Samuel - The Aftermath.htm
Frank, Pat - Alas, Babylon.htm
Galouye, Daniel - Dark Universe.htm
Goonan, Kathleen Ann - Nanotech Series
Herbert, Frank - The White Plague.htm
Hoban, Russell - Riddley Walker.htm
Huxley, Aldous - Ape and Essence.htm
James, P.D. - The Children of Men.html
Kearny, Cresson - (Non Fiction) Nuclear War Survival Skills.pdf
Kornbluth, CM - The Syndic.htm
Laumer, Keith - Catastrophe Planet.htm
Leiber, Fritz - Gather, Darkness!.pdf
London, Jack - The Scarlett Plague.htm
Matheson, Richard - I Am Legend.htm
McCammon, Robert - Swan Song.pdf
McCarthy, Cormac - The Road.html
McDevitt, Jack - Eternity Road.htm
McIntyre, Vonda - Dreamsnake.htm
Merle, Robert - Malevil (Non English).pdf
Merril, Judith - Shadow on the Hearth.htm
Miller, Walter - A Canticle for Leibowitz.htm
Miller, Walter - St Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman.htm
Niven, Larry - Lucifer's Hammer.htm
Norton, Andre - Daybreak 2250 AD.htm
Norton, Andre - No Night Without Stars.htm
O'Brien, Robert - Z for Zachariah.htm
Palmer, David - Emergence.html
Pangborn, Edgar - Davy.htm
Roshwald, Mordecai - Level 7.html
Sheffield, Charles - Aftermath 1 - Aftermath.pdf
Sheffield, Charles - Aftermath 2 - Starfire.pdf
Shelley, Mary - The Last Man.pdf
Shiel, MP -The Purple Cloud.htm
Shute, Nevil - On the Beach.htm
Simak, Clifford - Cemetary World.htm
Smith, Mitchell - Snowfall Trilogy
Stewart, George R - Earth Abides.htm
Stirling, SM - Change Series
Tucker, Wilson - The Long Loud Silence.htm
Tucker, Wilson - The Year of The Quiet Sun.htm
Varley, John - Millennium.htm
Wells, HG - World Set Free.html
Wharton, Edith - False Dawn.htm
Wilhelm, Kate - Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang.htm
Wylie, Philip & Balmer, Edwin - After Worlds Collide.htm
Wylie, Philip & Balmer, Edwin - When Worlds Collide.htm
Wyndham, John - The Chrysalids.htm
Zelazny, Roger - Damnation Alley.htm

Level 7 done, labai tiko prie gone with the blastwave ir postnuke.

dar šiandien susitranzavau astrofiziką, kuris statė maidanako observatoriją, o dabar varinėja į černobylį tirti fallouto. talk about the odds.

Febrero 9, 2010

mokslai, vadinasi

vilniaus universitetas. fizikos fakultetas. dekanato naujienų stendas:


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