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April 7, 2008


Eastern Europe was a different world from the West. If nothing else,...she confirmed the Westerner's conviction that he lived in a better world. Eastern Europe was the dark reverse side, the alter ego, a world which Western Europe could have been like, but, unfortunately, was not. And that is why the Westerner loved her. He loved her modest beauty, her poverty, her melancholy and her suffering, her...otherness...The Westerner came to Eastern Europe, she could not go to him, and that was freedom too, freedom from reciprocity...Eastern Europe was his secret, a mistress content with little. At home he had a faithful wife, order and work. Like every mistress, Eastern Europe only strengthened his marriage.
- Dubravka Ugrešič, The Culture of Lies: Antipolitical Essays

Uztikau citata, bet butu idomu paskaityt ir visa knyga (kadanors).

O dar ruosiuosi rasyt rasini mokyklini apie Lietuvos (ar po/sovietinius kalejimus) gal kas turi ka parekomenduot paskaityt ar kur ieskot materijolo?

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