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"as much as argot is not properly a language but a jargon, so the Gypsies are not a people but the last descendants of a class of outlaws dating from another era:

Gypsies are our Middle Ages preserved; dangerous
classes of an earlier epoch. The Gypsy terms that
made it into the different argots are much like the
Gypsies themselves: since their first apparence, in
fact, Gypsies adopted the patronymics of the countries
through which they traveled—gadjesko nav
thereby losing somehow their identity on paper in the
eyes of all those who believe they can read (Alice Becker-Ho).

This explains why scholars were never successful in interpreting the Gypsies' origins and in getting to know well their language and customs: the ethnographic investigation, in this case, becomes impossible because the informers are systematically lying."

G. Agamben, Means Without End

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