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This is why the social factory has become the factory of unhappiness: the assembly line of net-production is directly exploiting the emotional energy of the virtual class. We are now beginning to become aware of it, so we are able to recognize ourselves as cognitarians. Flesh, body, desire, in permanent electrocution.

Cia daugeliui virtualios klases atstovi/u gal zinomi terminai ir idejos, bet man kaip mazai besidominaciam buvo idomu ir nauja. Trumpas interviu su Franko Bernardi "Bifo"

Ir dar, nors nesu sci-fi megejas, bet sita pasirode idomi. Tai gal per atostogas galvoju paskaityt, ar kas gali pasakyt ar verta?

"In her 1974 utopian novel The Dispossessed Ursula K. Leguin imagines
an entire planet, organized along anarchist principles, a world, which
very much resembles a global kibbutz. The founders of this world were
refugees from a capitalist planet caught up in intra-continental class
warfare and intercontinental struggles for global domination. The
story begins generations after a group of hearty pioneers come to
settle the harsh and unforgiving uninhabited planet of Annares. In
attempting to shed the cultural baggage of their old world, the
settlers create a new language. The citizens of Annares are radical
minimalists. Striving for simplicity and functionalism as the proper
path for provisioning each according to their needs, they define need
in the most rudimentary terms. They reject acquisition and
ornamentation as wasteful -- as excremental. They reject the notion of
private property, of government, hierarchy and control. Their
language, which they call Pravic, is as sparse and unembellished as
the world they now inhabit. It lacks elaborate adjectives which would
enable flowery description and it lacks possessive pronouns. One
cannot say this is MINE in Pravic."


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