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American Gods

My story begins few months ago, then I was thinking of a book to start my preparation for an unimportant English exam that was, however, scaring me. I met a friend, sho suprised me beeing at school, as he had surprised me for about twenty times i think:). MegaMon promised me the book. He did and disappeared for a three months. Still I got it at glorious the 1st of september in a of geek students worshiping C, C++ and Pascal, horrowed by Java and prof. Mitašiūnas.

It is all about gods, who were brought to lives by human belief: gods of Sibirian shamans, vikings, egiptians, slavs, cowboys, geeks, media addicts, game pl(|r)ayers, money and credit cards owners. They all have brought in flesh to America were people have came and still come from all over the world, to the contenent there all is changing so quickly that many of the gods soon become forgotten. So what they do? Some are playing on men to regain their powers, some live with the men who still remember their gods' names, some do their magic for good of people as they were many years ago believed to, some live for their own interests.

The book tells something about a man's journey. The man's name is Shadow, who is a son of Odin, who have stayed in one jail cell with Low Key Lyesmitht (Loki if u try to spell it), who is taken in his father affair that he crashes with his beliefs. Shadow was born before books starts and still lives then it ends. Despite all gods games, which he takes part in, he is a man and men aren't fed on belief . They can behave not as they were believed to and stay the same as they were, not loosing and not gaining anything. So Shadow takes his live travell to somewhere he dosen't knows nothing about.

Good book, interesting to read, has some thoughts to think of, but with long hard ending. Although it was difficul to read it with my prehaxor skills of english, it is lovely first book I have ever finished reading in english.

P.S.(Akakij)I met my dearest friend, bosom buddy and lifelong pal MEGAMON,who is known in this shithole of a country and beyond to be a collector of fine literary rarities in the fine language of dickens and joyce. He, seeing my awful plight, selflessly offered me to give. Then, some terrible, horrible and totally unnice thingies prevented this charming gentleman of a person from giving me the book for three agonizing months crown jewel of his priceless collection the megabook AMERICAN GODS. (yo, yo, check dis out, beyotches). But when i almost despaired, my valiant friend appeared before me, dazzling all the pityful human worm-things around and put the vaunted font of knowledge into my grubby little hands. i almost cried...


Mitašiūnas joks ne profesorius, jis docentas - paprastas docentas ;)