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Profile education

Profile education has been practiced in Lithuania just for a few years. The idea is that you can choose a course list that best fits your dream about future career. In my school we were given a choise of four: science, arts, humanities and technical studies. As most popular lists were science and humanities, arts and technical education classes weren't formed.
In my opinion, profile studing is silly and hopeless to bring in the society anyone exept non-thinking bolts for the thoughtless, dump, old system to work. Optionally, in each class we rewise badly memorised some years ago. IMHO, more than half of my time spent in school I have wasted (as I have only one life it hurts). Firstly, we could have given more knowledge in early clases, because much time were spent on learning by heart things that weren't rewised for a long time, and in higher classes we were told that we had to know more than we even remembered about. Secondly, for many subjects one task is true: too few plactice that could help to understand what we have leart more 'in common'. Finally, fundation for the education was lowered and we had to learn one or two years longer and for our goverment a profile system was as an excuse, also covered with idea by a progress to the 'high', GOOD Western model then this problem (bolts etc)has already been intriguing people there for years.
And you know what? i do not feel more comfortable studying according to the system - I came to the line then you just don't give a fuck of system, of the idea and get what you want without giving anything back, because you can't improve anything without money or respect, that pupil (one, i don't talk about screaming, angry crowd that often also dosen't fulfil it's ambitions) don't has from school administration. Besides, noone sees a reason to move a finger, until system makes him scream (as it was with me some years ago) or things aren't connected with laizyness, traditions (for examples many will prepare the school to the teachers day; go to rehearsals preparing to the languages day etc but noone will loke round to improve anything if it haven't done before and is assumed as GOOD work).
I don't care of it now, but one aspect of profile teaching system worries me - exams. They can ruin my life or keep my in the education system. And I need to stay in this dirty system, beacause in this world it higher my predatorian ability to survive.