mars 25, 2010

show coming up

as project it started on 2010 • one of two persons asked: "are you feeling good?", while having their first, (anonymous), 5 min length play in 'Alternative Fair of Kaziukas' (March 7th, sunday; Lukiškių square, Vilnius, Lithuania) • two parts of PER FORM right now are based in Lithuania (Vilnius) and Space • style of being: experimental / atmospheric / IMPRO • in general: two computers playing sounds • VJ: had plans to come • future facts upcoming • (individual history already in the books) • PRE FORM is open for all kind of collaboration offerings and ready to make anything, what makes PRE FORM and those around feeling good. on the same time.

SHOW coming UP.

so soon: information/sounds/videos/etc. IN HERE

Posted by ingra at 25.03.10 11:37