July 18, 2005


mokomes nebekalbeti. nesikartoti dar neiseina. gaunasi tada taip, blogo irasas ir tiek. galvoju, ar siaip savo audio skicus publikuot yra didesne narcizmo israiska negu eilinis blogo irasas? jau vien sitie pamastymai ko verti !! nu ir jei sakom tebunie mes narcizai blogeriu bendrijoje, ar mes zodziais susisnekam? o siaip tai cia prastas gabalas, tai jei klausysi daugiau nei syki, bus uzskaityta kaip perversija.

learning not to talk. not to repeat oneself still does not work. circular comes out. another blog entry. thinking hardly, if it is a harsher narcistic tendency to publish one's own audio drafts, than a regular blog entry? just think of this internal dialog - how much narcism it weights!! well, but if we say, let us continue our narcistic dwelling in our community, is it words make us each other understand? this is esteticaly bad music. if you listen to it more than one time you will be regarded as pervert.

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