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Enero 13, 2005

the twenty most useful knots


1, Thumb or over-hand knot, tied at the end of a rope to prevent it from opening out, &c.
2, Right or reef-knot, for securing all lashings where the ends of the rope meet together.
3, Draw-knot, which offers great facility in undoing.
4, Running-knot, used to bind or draw anything close.
5, Sheepshank, serving to shorten a rope without cutting it or unfastening the ends.
6, Clove-hitch, which binds with excessive force, and by which alone a weight can be hung to a smooth pole.
7, Timber-hitch, very useful in hauling to move a weight.
8, Single bowline-knot, difficult to undo, useful to throw over a post &c., to haul on, used for the draw-loop of a slip noose.
9, Double bowline-knot, for slinging a cask.
10, Running bowline-knot.
11, Woolding or packing-stick hitch, used to tighten ropes.
12, Men's harness hitch, passing over the shoulder and under the opposite arm of men drawing a carriage, &c.
13, Stopper hitch, for stoppering the fall of a tackle, &c.
14, Inside clinch, for fastening a cable to the anchor ring, &c.
15, Common or sheet bend, a very secure method of joining two ropes, or fastening a rope to a loop.
16, Hawser bend, for joining two ropes, easily undone.
17, Cat's paw, the turn in the bight of a rope, for hooking a tackle to it.
18, Dragrope or lever-hitch, used for fixing hand-spikes or capstanbars to the ropes attached to heavy carriages, &c., which have to be moved by men.
19, Half-hitch, cast on the bight of a rope.
20, Carrick bend. A wall-knot is a knot made at the end of a rope to prevent it from passing through a hole.

Posted by kpmg at Enero 13, 2005 11:36 AM kaip.tik.ten


ruošiesi pagrobimui?

Posted by: enc at Enero 13, 2005 12:19 PM

12 ir 18 labai jau panašūs, bet nevienodi, tačiau galima vieną išmokti vietoj dviejų...

Posted by: jaras at Enero 13, 2005 12:59 PM

pačiam išradinėt linxmiau

Posted by: adomas at Enero 13, 2005 4:08 PM

12 ahujeniausias;)

Posted by: brb_ at Enero 13, 2005 6:07 PM